Say “NO!” to 14-Story Transmission Towers Through Panhandle Rivers

Rivers may not be the first thing associated with the High Plains of Texas. But two great river systems cross the Texas Panhandle. These delicate riparian habitats are home to rich wildlife including endangered species such as Bald Eagles and Horned Lizards. Construction and maintenance of power lines threaten not only the wildlife, but endanger archeological and paleontological legacies that are unparalleled in the state of Texas. Sections of the Fort Smith—Santa Fe Trail, 19th-Century Comanchero trading camps and the burial sites of native plains people could be lost forever.

On December 2nd, the Public Utility Commission will select a route for a White Deer to Hereford CREZ transmission line. Attend the hearing and send the message to route these lines away from the fragile habitat they would endanger within Panhandle riparian areas.

Stand with Friends and Neighbors
December 2nd — Austin, Texas
William B. Travis Building
1701 N. Congress Avenue
7th Floor — Public Utility Commission Hearing Room

No seating guaranteed — doors open 8:00 A.M.
Paid parking in the Bob Bullock Museum Parking Garage

Come for all or any part of the day you are able to attend.

Questions or Updates – Call 512-693-7062

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